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Company Catering doo has been founded in 1992. in Belgrade and since then has been striving to advance services in HoReCa program by bringing the world’s leading brands to the domestic market. Catering doo offers services of planning, consulting, training and equipping with the turn-key system of all types of hospitality facilities. Through many years of successful cooperation with our foreign partners we are able to provide the highest standards in all segments of the hotel and restaurant industry. Our slogan is “We have a solution!”


WMF 9000 F

The new WMF 9000 F automatic filter coffee machine ensures first-class moments of pleasure for the mass catering sector. Despite its slim dimensions, the powerhouse impresses with an output of up to 100 litres per hour, and the boiler also guarantees that coffee lovers never have to wait long for their beverages.

WMF 1500 S+

With a 10-inch touch display, the new WMF 1500 S+ speciality machine offers all information at a glance – including nutritional information, promotional offers and usage videos. Geared towards medium-sized coffee enterprises in a wide range of areas.

WMF 1100 S

Anything and everything. In the smallest possible space. That is the concept behind every office and convenience store, as well as the new WMF 1100 S. And that is precisely why it will fit your own space perfectly too.

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