Sola Switzerland AG has its roots as a creator and a manufacturer of the finest cutlery since 1866. For five generations, our cutlery has been created by the purest Swiss touch and know-how and remains until today fully in line with the quality, professionalism and service spirit of the founders of our company. From a local factory in Central Europe, our company became within 150 years a referent Swiss manufacturer of cutleries and table serving tools on the world market..


The highest quality and the most luxurious style of the Platinum Line makes this cutlery the best choice. Made of pure stainless steel 18/10, hand-crafted and hollow-handle only is by Sola Triplex® Technology manufacturing.


Unconventional design of high quality Premium Line cutlery focuses on detail. Thanks to extraordinary shapes, cutlery of this line is elegant, modern and exclusive, suitable for luxurious hotels and restaurants.

7th Generation

Mostly vintage design, matte and mirror surface and PVD coating in black, gold, silver and bronze color, this type of cutlery fits in modern households.

Master Chef

A Premium quality range named Master Chef has been developed for specific demands of hotels and restaurants. Each line encompasses complete assortment of items and focuses on functionality and elegant design.


Simplicity and functionality – that’s Lusol. This range of cutlery lines with the best possible value-for-money ratio meets the requirements of private and retail clients and the catering market alike.


The uniqueness of Catwalk range lies in the sand-blasting finish of these select cutlery lines. The Catwalk range has been developed mainly for retail customers, but it can easily fulfill special requirements of every customer.


Made of chromenickel steel 18/10, forged and with hollow-handles, knives of Steak range are ideal not just for households, but for gastronomy industries as well. Pure shapes, mirror and matte surface available, interesting design and perfect functionality, that’s our Steak range.


For particular requirements of the little ones among us, the Kids range of cutlery has been developed. Playful design full of colors inspired by nature and animals fits perfectly to every child’s hand and makes everyday dining fun.